“To win the entire world for the Immaculata and, through her, for the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.” - St. Maximilian Kolbe
St. Maximilian Kolbe

2001 International Kolbe Congress

Maximilian M. Kolbe in His Time and Today: Interdisciplinary Approach to the Person and His Writings was the theme of the International Congress held in Rome in September 2001. The English translations of the talks were provided by the organizers and are posted here as PDF files. Please be advised that St. Maximilian’s writings are cited with the abbreviation SK, which corresponds to the English abbreviation KW. Moreover, please know that, at the time, the official English translation of St. Maximilian’s writings had not been completed yet, so the quotations were translated from the Italian edition.

Kolbe’s Witness – Card. Grocholewski

Kolbe the Man – Fr. Faustino Ossanna, OFM Conv.

Kolbe Theology – Fr. Alfonso Pompei, OFM Conv.

The Church at the Time of Pius XI – Danilo Veneruso

Kolbe & the XX Century Anthropological Archetypes – Rocco Buttiglione

The Immaculata – Fr. Salvatore Perrella, OSM

The Time’s Ideologies – Fidel G. Fernandez, MCCJ

Franciscan Motifs – Fr. Luigi Iammarrone, OFM Conv.

Kolbe and His Times – Giorgio Rumi

Philosophical Reflection – Orlando Todisco 

Kolbe’s Spiritual Itinerary – Fr. J. Castellano Cervera, OCD

Kolbe’s Mystical Language – Fr. F. M. Lethel, OCD

Kolbe Organizer – Fr. Leon B. Dyczewski, OFM Conv.

Feminine/Maternal Dimension – Giulia Paola Di Nicola

Mission & Inculturation – Fr. Jesus Lopez-Gay, SJ