“To win the entire world for the Immaculata and, through her, for the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.” - St. Maximilian Kolbe
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Behold Your MotherThe Path to Total Consecration to Our Lady in the Spirit of St. Maximilian Kolbe.

This beautiful 56-page booklet may be used individually or as a group activity (in a parish setting, for example), or as a series of classes led by a facilitator, or during a day of preparation for MI consecration to Our Lady. If you can offer a series of meetings, you can read each chapter with the group and invite the participants to reflect and comment on it. Alternatively, you can invite them to read each chapter beforehand and come together for discussion.

Many people have expressed the desire to promote total consecration to Mary in their parish and local area. Behold Your Mother! is an effective tool for making that possible! Order copies today from the MI National Office: MINational@MissionImmaculata.com

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The suggested donation for multiple copies of the booklet is $ 2.50/ea. PLUS shipping; for a single copy, the suggested donation is $ 6.00 shipping included. 

Behold Your Mother! in Audiobook – Click the links below

00 Introduction
01 Chapter 1
02 Chapter 2
03 Chapter 3
04 Chapter 4
05 Chapter 5
06 Chapter 6
07 Afterword – Introducing the Militia of the Immaculata

Available also in Spanish